Welcome to Erachron. We founded Erachron by combining our practical and academic knowledge at the international level. Walk together with us towards more efficient projects.

About us

Time management has been one of the biggest challenges in the construction industry. Our main goal is to guide the industry and to increase project efficiencies by facilitating time management process. We produce software in this direction with our experience and knowledge gained through our activities in both academic and practical fields.

We are aware of the difficulties experienced in the process of adaptation to the technology from the point of organizational infrastructure. For this reason, customizing our software in accordance with your company's needs is one of our domains. As your business partner, we would like to add value to the management process of your company. 

Our Vision

More productive projects from day to day… Erachron aims to create solutions that will shape the expectations of the construction industry to lead all the scaled projects in terms of managing time in a more efficient way.

Our Mission

To produce efficient projects by developing application software and offering consulting service concerning time management in construction projects.

More productive projects from day to day…


Delay Analysis Solutions
Solutions of Erachron Windows Analysis

Offering user friendly tools, rich content and report options, Erachron Windows Analysis is the best assistant for your works.

Data entry to Erachron Windows Analysis software is provided with a simple excel spreadsheet extracted from Primavera, MS Project or 4D-BIMs.

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Project Monitoring and Performance Measurement Solutions

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Step 1 - Primavera export

Export project files from primavera.

Step 2 - Import to Erachron

Importing Excel Files to Erachron Windows Delay Analysis

Step 3 - Calendar Settings

Creating and managing custom calendars.

Step 4 - Analysis

How to start a new delay analyze.

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